CrossTx Recipient of the 2020 Montana Innovation Grant

September 16, 2020

CrossTx Recipient of the 2020 Montana Innovation Grant

The State of Montana Department of Economic Development awarded the 2020 MT Innovation Grant to CrossTx for their commitment to confronting the COVID-19 emergency with an innovative development project to bring tele-health functionality to the novel communication and care coordination platform.

“It is an honor to be a recipient of [The Innovation Grant]” says founder and CEO, Chad Nybo.

CrossTx, headquartered in downtown Bozeman, has big plans to continue improving public health across Montana and the nation. Their innovative communication platform and fee for value workflow services have greatly improved communication in large and rural communities alike. “CrossTx saves me 5 hours a day” states a rural Montana behavioral health office that is attempting to move away from timely faxes and voicemails to the comprehensive HIPAA compliant communication platform.

Chandra Donnell, Vice President of Business Development stated: “With the COVID-19 Crisis keeping more individuals at home, it is important for adaptive companies to develop new features that enable telehealth to be a successful alternative to in-person visits. Our passion at CrossTx is to help patients receive the best possible care [and during this epidemic] that is keeping our most susceptible populations safe.

About CrossTx

CrossTx is a premier cloud-based care coordination platform company based in Bozeman, Montana.  CrossTx is focused on driving world class patient care through innovative technology.


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